Barcode scanning can add efficiency to your workplace as it is designed for an array of uses including tracking, automation, and warehouse inventory. With varying levels of capabilities and functionality, wireless barcode scanning can provide the following benefits to your business:


Without the limitations of a cable, wireless scanners are battery-operated and can transmit at a greater distance.  In places where mobility and barcode scanning are needed a wireless barcode scanner can be a great asset. Without the tether and limited distance, users of the barcode scanner are not restricted to operating within a short distance. By working at farther distances, operators can increase their productivity, scanning range, and ultimately the number of items processed.

Ease of Use

From set up to daily use, wireless barcode scanners are notoriously easy to use. User-friendly design, lack of cords or wires give more flexibility within the work environment, and designs are frequently molded to fit ones grip comfortably for long periods of time.


Software provided by most handheld wireless barcode scanners not only eases the installation and setup of the device, but also provides a wide array of compatibility across devices.  Software gives the opportunity to work across brands, operating systems, and other configurations.  Connectivity by Bluetooth, which is commonly used in mobile phones and other electronics, is also available in some scanners – making connecting the device to its hub supremely simple.

How has wireless barcode scanning benefited your business?

Benefits of Wireless Barcode Scanning
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