FedEx is a model for ground shipping. Years of expertise have led to a well-oiled machine. So how could they improve on an already efficient, seamless system?

The average FedEx Ground network hub will sort up to 7,500 packages per hour, per sorter. The reliance on automated systems reduces human mistakes and speeds up the sorting process.

Across 31 sorting hubs across the USA and Canada, handlers will place packages on induction belts where they pass through six-sided tunnels with digital cameras, scanning at up to 540 ft. per minute. The cameras then feed the package’s barcode information to the companies sorting application. These applications then decode, and calculate routing, billing and other transactions, with calculations occurring at 450 milliseconds or less.

The digital technologies employed by FedEx Ground, namely barcode scanning, have assisted in raising the company’s operating income from $325 Million, one year ago, to $465 Million.

Does your company have a similar success story to share?  We’d love to hear how your business has become more efficient with the implementation of new technologies.

FedEx Accelerates Package Sorting with Digital Cameras
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