In this day and age, productivity is at the top of everyone’s priority list, and Zebra Technologies is taking leaps and bounds to address this challenge. The company estimates that their Real-Time Location System (RTLS) can save their warehouse 451 man-hours per month, which rounds up to 19 days out of every month.

RTLS accomplishes this by saving the time employees previously spent looking for the proper place for every item that comes into the warehouse. If you have ever worked in, or even seen a warehouse, you can easily visualize how RTLS is utilized. Pre-RTLS warehouses had to enter the location of every good in their data system, inventory and invoice. Next, warehouse staff members spent hours locating goods for moving and shipping.  Now with this technologically advanced system, warehouses are able to work 50 percent more efficiently.

As if efficiency isn’t enough, RTLS also reduces the amount of space required to stage every load of goods by 40 percent. RTLS quickly pays for itself in full and brings a new profitability to any warehouse that adopts this process transition.

The Set-Up

The warehouse’s new tracking system consists of Oracle software integrated with Zebra Technologies’ software for location management, dart tags (for quick barcode recognition) and handheld barcode scanners, which every employee has for quick on-site scanning.  These handheld barcode scanners list the location of each item to be picked as well as the approximate location each item should be placed within the staging area to fill an order.

All Dimensions of Productivity

  • RTLS cuts down man-hours in warehouses by 451 out of 744 hours per month
  • RTLS reduces wasted space by 40 percent
  • RTLS cuts down paper waste by using handled barcode scanners that have list of all item locations for pick up and staging

Have a question about how RTLS can help your business? Contact us for more information. We’d be happy to help you find the solution that saves you time and money.

Zebra Boosts Warehouse Efficiency with RTLS Technology

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