Physicians’ recent adoption of health-related IT has led to many benefits in patient care. However, this adoption is not as prevalent with healthcare extenders. These are people that work directly with patients such as nurses, dieticians, medical assistants, etc.

In a 2012 study, HIMSS identified that 80 percent of physicians own a tablet. However, despite their direct interaction with patients, only 30 percent of healthcare extenders have a tablet, and only 20 percent use a tablet when working with patients. This is not because technology does not have value to healthcare extenders. The majority of them wish they had a tablet to interact with patients, and only 3 percent reported that this technology introduced distractions or hurdles.

The current IT trends within the healthcare industry have been the adoption of more efficient systems and the move to electronic records. These trends are likely to expand to include the healthcare extenders and allow them to provide superior care to the patients they interact with.

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The Next Step in Healthcare Technology

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