Zebra Technologies recently delivered their one-millionth real time locating system (RTLS) tag. This millionth tag has increased the distance between Zebra Technologies’ industry-leading installed base of RTLS tags worldwide and that of their competitors.

Zebra Technologies’ expanding base of RTLS tags is indicative of the bright future of the adoption of the ‘Internet of Things’. Through RFID systems and RTLS tags, identifying and inventorying with accuracy has become a much less involved and costly process. This is one of the main reasons why the movement towards the internet of things is already underway and likely to continue. With the momentum of this movement, expect to see companies like Zebra Technologies who are involved in RFID or RTLS to expand along with the adoption of the internet of things.

Zebra Technologies also provides Radio Frequency Identifications (RFID) technologies. With more and more industries taking efficiency, quality controls, and tracking more seriously, expect RTLS and RFID numbers to continue to grow.

Zebra Technologies Delivers One Millionth RTLS Tag

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