The Chinese government has been increasing its emphasis on embedding connectivity and intelligence via technology, which has led to the projection that their RFID market will nearly double by 2017. The projection of an $807 million RFID market by 2017 speaks volumes as to the growth potential of the RFID market internationally. The successful adoption and expansion of RFID systems in various countries worldwide show that RFID technology is here to stay. We are moving from a time where the internet and connectivity augment our “normal” everyday lives and into a period where it is instead a layer underneath virtually all of our daily activities.

The planned increased use of RFID systems by China is good news for the industry. Not only is one of the world’s premier markets investing in this technology, but by making this investment they are endorsing it as well. As a world leader, China’s endorsement is significant for the industry and is likely to lead to more countries investing in this technology.

For more information on China’s use of RFID systems, check out this recent article at Electroiq.

China’s RFID Market on the Rise

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