The first international organization for the promotion of RFID technologies, the RFID Institute, has just been created. This is a turning point for the RFID industry. It shows the international relevance and importance of this relatively new technology.

According to Sylvanus Bent, Chairman and President, of the Institute, its purpose will be to “create a set of certification credentials, conduct research, encourage professional education, and work with existing industry organizations, e.g. AIM Global and GS1, to advance RFID for the both the industry and public good.”

The founding of an institute that not only allows for collaboration and certification, but education in the field of RFID technologies is a defining moment for the RFID industry. This organization can act as a go-to resource for all things RFID and begin to create a global standard for RFID systems around the world.

To learn more about the RFID Institute, view their website at, or check out the news release at PRWeb.

New International RFID Organization Created

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