Zebra Technologies recently released a new online survey for healthcare providers to assess the current effectiveness of their electronic health records (EHR) technology. After answering only a few questions on this minute-long assessment, healthcare providers will receive a report that provides feedback on their current EHR technology and processes and also offers strategies for improvement. This assessment has been created because of the recent increased use of EHR technology. In 2009 48% of doctors utilized EHRs and that figure jumped to 72% by 2012.

This is just another way that Zebra Technologies allows health care providers to reduce errors and increase patient safety and productivity. This is a good tool for anyone in the healthcare industry that is looking to improve their processes, efficiency, and patient safety. By offering a snapshot of where they are succeeding and where they may need to improve, this tool is a useful and quick way to improve processes overall.

For the full story on their online patient safety assessment, check out the full article at Marketwatch.

Zebra Technologies Releases Online Patient Safety Assessment

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