A new partnership with Zebra Technologies and the National Football League (NFL) has revealed that all NFL football players will be equipped with RFID tags provided by Zebra Technologies. These RFID tags will be imbedded into the shoulder pads of each player, allowing for real time tracking of certain data, such as run speed, yardage, and much more. But these implementations are not just about tracking data – it is about getting this data to football fans around the world. With the NFL 2015 app for Xbox One and Windows 10, football fans will be able to see specific highlights and statistics of the players within minutes after they happen on the field.

The NFL 2015 app contains a feature called Next Gen Stats that can turn each individual player into a digital avatar for a replay of the game’s events, deemed Next Gen Replay. Next Gen Replay will not only be able to show a replay of the events, but also show all statistics collected by the players’ RFID tags: speed, yardage, the direction the player is running, and so much more.

There are many other dimensions of the NFL 2015 app. For example, the “Afterburner” function will aggregate the speed data from all the players’ RFID tags in order to highlight the fastest players in the NFL throughout the season. “NGS Pick’em,” another function of the app, is a minigame that allows you to choose eight to ten players you think will run the fastest and travel the farthest overall distance during the game. The app can even synch up with any online fantasy football leagues, and can notify you when a player on your fantasy football team has scored.

According to Todd Stevens, executive producer at Microsoft, the new, fully customizable app will be available for Xbox One and Windows 10 operating systems in late August.

NFL Players Get RFID Chips
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