Last week, RFID Journal announced the winners of its 12th Annual RFID Journal Awards, celebrating the innovation and success of RFID-enabled technology among end-users in various industries, such as healthcare and retail. In addition, the technology is implemented at a myriad of points in the supply chain, from manufacturing to logistics to consumer purchase.

While early versions of RFID systems have been around since the 60’s and 70’s, the technology is still evolving and advancing by leaps and bounds thanks to innovators in the field. The RFID Award winners bring some of those innovations to the forefront. Visa is using RFID to pioneer a safe and efficient cashier-free checkout experience for its customers. General Motors has been challenged for years with tracking its database of tens of thousands of tools it needs to manufacture the thousands of parts needed for its vehicles. They recently implemented a cutting edge RFID system to manage and track tools between vendor locations. To find out more about these award winners and more, click here.

RFID systems have applications across a wide variety of industries, from data tracking and records management in legal or medical offices, to inventory management and asset tracking in warehouses. Successful planning and implementation of the technology can lead to increased productivity, efficiency and safety while reducing costs and manual labor. To find out how iTech can partner with your company to implement RFID or another automation technology, click here.


RFID Journal Names its 12th Annual Award Winners