The proliferation of RFID technology in industries such as retail, healthcare and banking has a trickle down effect. For instance, the increased usage of RFID tags means the increased need to print them. A recent report titled “RFID Printers Market: Global Market Analysis and Opportunity Assessment” predicts that the RFID printer market will rise at a vigorous rate thanks to the wider adoption and expanded usage of RFID technology across a myriad of industries.

In addition, advancements in printing and ink technologies is allowing end-users to print their own chip-less tags, on-demand and at a lower cost. And to build on that technology, companies are investigating the utilization of 3D printing to print products with the RFID tags already on or embedded inside them. RFID laser printing could also be another opportunity for growth. Increased quality and print speed and reduced operational and maintenance costs could be groundbreaking for end-users.

When collaborating with businesses to implement RFID solutions, iTech Automation partners with companies such as Zebra Technologies to employ one of their three million printers in use. To find out more about the report and the rise of RFID printing, click here.

More RFID Technology Means More RFID Printing