Summer is the season of theme parks, concerts, sporting events and festivals. Patrons want short lines, convenience and efficiency to focus on the fun. Parks and venues want happy and engaged customers that contribute to their bottom line. RFID technology can help make that happen.

Tech company, Connect&Go, is marketing a cloud-based solution called Parkpass, using NFC-based RFID technology. The wearable wristband technology is designed to streamline customer access into events and parks, provide a cashless payment system and activate user experiences such as contests and games that can be automatically shared on social media. For example, a theme park attendee is provided a wristband once they purchase their park ticket. With a scan of their wristband, they’re allowed access into the park. Any snack bar or souvenir purchase is automatically charged to their credit card or bank account on file. Other possibilities for an enhanced experience are ride access, online photo albums, and child safety features. The result is a win-win. The park attendee gets an easy, paperless, ticketless, wallet-less experience. The park gains data and analytics on attendee traffic movement, purchases, interests and sales.

To find out more about how RFID technology is utilized for Parkpass, click here.

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