Patients rely on their healthcare professionals for quality care. By combining hand-held mobile computing, wireless local area network (WLAN), barcode technologies, and leading clinical IT and medical device applications, iTech Automation solutions help hospitals ensure the right patients get the right doses at the right time. Why is this important? Over 70% of all information used by a clinician to diagnose and treat a patient comes from the laboratory.

iTech Automation can help ensure accuracy in specimen tracking with labeling solutions that can identify samples from the time they are drawn to the time they are disposed. Mobile and desktop printers can produce specimen ID labels at the point-of-care or in the lab. Specialty adhesives keep labels and specimens together in challenging testing and storage conditions. Barcode and RFID encoding ensures information can be collected accurately and efficiently, at any point in time. Take the worry out of your specimen tracking processes with reliable specimen labeling solutions from iTech Automation.

Additional benefits:

  • Reduce the possibility of human error by enabling access to the most current data about patients and their medications.
  • Avoid second-guessing and bedside redundancies with barcode technology.
  • Allow medical professionals to spend more time on high-value patient care by capturing vitals and charting treatment information instantaneously with mobile computers.
  • Save money and time by avoiding costly medical mistakes.
  • Ensure specimens are associated with the right patient by labeling them immediately after they are taken. Easy-to-use mobile printers can produce secure tracking labels on demand and encode sensitive information in a barcode to protect patient privacy.
  • Make it easier to label test tubes, slides, bags and other specimen containers in the lab with convenient, compact desktop printers.
  • Hand-held computers allow everyone from nurses to lab technicians to scan and print barcodes for accurate specimen collection and analysis. This helps ensure the right sample is put in the right container at the right time.
  • Log test results quickly, providing doctors with accurate data for correct decisions and timely treatment.
  • Eliminate redraws and sample labeling errors due to improper patient identification.
  • Improve collection productivity by eliminating paperwork and accounting for all labels generated.
  • Build trust with patients, and reduce costs associated with re-testing and re-treatment, by ensuring accurate testing.

By combining mobile computers, scanners, barcode technologies and leading clinical IT and medical device applications, iTech Automation applications increase the precision of specimen labeling, tracking, and analysis.

We have committed to an approach that offers a total solution to healthcare providers that can be customized to meet the specific hardware and media needs of each institution, as well as connectivity-based software (middleware or firmware) requirements when deemed necessary by certain HIS/LIS (Hospital Information System/Laboratory Information System) protocols.

The portfolio of barcode solution options includes:

  • Thermal printing wristbands
  • Laser printing wristbands and labels
  • Thermal barcode printers
  • Hand-held computers and scanners
  • Software
  • Installation and service

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