iTech Automation uses the latest hardware and software to assemble solutions that manufacturing companies can rely on to drive out waste and inefficiency, while increasing throughput and quality control. iTech understands that no two industries are exactly alike, and adapts enabling technologies to suit. Whether it’s a compliance labeling system, automating manual processes, or getting better control of inventory or asset tracking, we will recommend, design and deliver the right solution for your particular manufacturing needs.

Work in Process (WIP)
Asset labeling and tracking
Data collection systems
Print & Apply

RFID Systems
Asset tracking applications
Labeling systems and supplies

Inventory Control
Fixed and mobile labeling systems
Hands-free and wireless data collection

Counterfeit deterrent labeling systems
Tamper apparent labeling systems and supplies
Data collection systems
Access control card systems

Learn more about our FREE thermal printer maintenance consultation offer.
iTech will offer a FREE thermal printer maintenance consultation to new and existing customers with the intent of helping our customers gain the best lifetime use of their thermal printers. We offer manufacturer-authorized depot and on-site repair services, not only in the Midwest, but across the United States. Call toll-free today! 1-888-500-4832.

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