iTech Automation provides complete solutions to help document-intensive firms and operations achieve their information management objectives. Our portfolio includes technology, best practices, and business process expertise in the deployment of records management solutions within professional services firms. Barcode systems and RFID technologies are key components of this solution, offering comprehensive and integrated lifecycle capabilities for managing physical records, from creation through retention scheduling to final disposition.

SmartLocate uses portable RFID technology to conduct inventories and locate missing files without ever needing to physically handle them. It’s easy to implement because it works with your current records management software, so you can start tracking your most important files in no time.

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SmartPortal is the premier RFID system used to track and locate records, files, boxes and assets. Implementing SmartPortal helps to cut down on human error, increase the speed and accuracy of records management, and improve data security to get your business running more efficiently than ever.

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