What is SmartPortalâ„¢

SmartPortal, developed by iTech Automation, uses RFID system components to track and locate records, files, boxes and assets.

How do RFID systems work?
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems track items in an automated environment. An item, such as a file, is equipped with an RFID Tag (transponder) containing a microchip that stores an ID code or more information. The item ID is registered with a database. Doorways, desks, almost anything can be equipped with an RFID Reader (interrogator). These readers broadcast signals through antennae that activate the RFID tag. The energized tag responds with its identity, and the reader forwards the tag ID with a timestamp to a computer system for processing. The database will be updated automatically with current file location information that a user can view from the familiar screens within the management system.

Benefits and Justification:

  • Reduces the time it takes to check items in and out
  • Reduces the time it takes to conduct inventories of offices, boxes and storage areas
  • Reduces the potential for human error
  • Reduces chances of and potential liability from misplaced files
  • Increases probability and speed of locating missing files
  • Increases security by recording when items are removed
  • Increases the accuracy of item location information in the database
  • Increases employee accountability
  • Increases the ability to detect items in closed containers and in bulk
  • ROI example: Assume that an attorney bills at a rate of $250 per hour and spends two hours per week looking for lost files. In one year, this attorney would spend $25,000 worth of lost billable time searching for files. A 20% improvement by implementing an RFID system would yield $5,000 of benefit per attorney per year.

Getting Started:
iTech Automation will work with you to deliver the right solution to meet your application requirements. A common approach is to begin by analyzing which types of items pose the biggest risk if they become lost or misplaced. Another approach is to evaluate tasks that are the most time consuming or inefficient. According to one Records Manager at large law firm, “Intellectual Property seems to be the foremost practice area to benefit from RFID due to the high volume of file folder transactions. Automating processes such as checking files in and out and conducting inventories translates into significant labor savings. In addition, attorneys and staff spend less time searching for files since the outcome of RFID technology is increased tracking speed and accuracy.”

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