iTech Automation is a certified provider of barcode labeling systems, data collection systems and RFID technologies. While serving a vast range of industries, we have developed the capabilities to assess, design and integrate processes and technologies for identification, management and tracking of assets, records and activities.

Process Analysis Design and Implementation

iTech offers a comprehensive process analysis. We will evaluate the functional requirements needed to automate and implement your AIDC application. Our experts will recommend enabling hardware and software solutions that offer a significant and measurable return on your investment (ROI).

Media Planning, Design and Management

Our labeling and ribbon experts will determine your label and tag application requirements to ensure your labeling/identification objectives are met. Are your labels and barcodes in compliance with your customer or industry’s standards? Do you need to reduce costs without losing quality? Can your labels and RFID tags withstand the environmental conditions required by your trading industry or customers? Whatever your label and tag demands are, iTech Automation can develop and manage media solutions specific to your labeling and tracking requirements.

Software Development and Integration Services

We are strategically partnered with prominent leaders in software development and integration. As a result, we have the resources to design, integrate and support software applications to improve accuracy, efficiency and profitability.

Labeling Strategy Development

iTech is one of the few full-service integrators with experience in designing and implementing multi-site labeling and data collection systems. Our programs analyze and report on the requirements for compliance and the needed actions to meet internal/customer objectives. The results demonstrate available savings and efficiencies of equipment standardization as well as supplies and service purchasing leverage. Typically, our programs support adoption of enterprise systems or warehouse management programs where data collection impacts data integrity and operating information.

Document Management Solutions

iTech Automation has partnered with industry leading providers of software for managing the complete range of document workflows. Typical document processes must solve three basic challenges:

  1. The connection and import of various enterprise data sources and formats
  2. The design or redesign of business documents
  3. The production of those documents in different formats and through multiple channels

With the benefits of new software, your capabilities in each of these areas are significantly expanded. You’ll find that most of your document workflows can now be addressed with this one comprehensive toolset.

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System Installation and Rollout

iTech Automation completes the application and manages the installation, testing and configuration of your iTech labeling, RFID and data collection systems.

Training Services

For the seamless integration of new automated systems, iTech develops unique training programs to get your staff proficient with expediency. Whether conducted on- or off-site, your team members are assured of a complete and working solution.

Contact us at 1-888-500-4832 for a complimentary system analysis.

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