Barcode Systems

Tracking assets via traditional paper forms, such as handwritten notes, is both inefficient and prone to inaccuracies. And because it often requires redundant data entry into a computer system later, there is always a risk of inaccurate transcription. By implementing a barcode scanning automation system, you eliminate this inefficient, potentially inaccurate and costly process. This change in process will dramatically improve the integrity of your data and the value of your business software applications.

Printing & Labeling Systems

iTech Automation develops, installs and supports barcode labeling and printing systems, incorporating the latest technologies from top manufacturers. We bring more than two decades of experience solving a diverse range of application challenges for both domestic and international customers. You can be assured that our recommendations come to you from a reliable base of real-world applications.

Data Collection Systems

In addition to Barcode Scanners and Optical Imaging Readers, iTech Automation offers a variety of application-specific solutions to meet even your most demanding data collection needs.

Mobile Solutions for Delivery & Field Service

Companies around the world depend on rugged, hand-held computers to take outstanding service where it’s needed most — the customer’s front door. Our field service mobile solutions always have the user in mind. Our goal is to keep them happier and more productive, which makes you more profitable. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using older, legacy applications. We’ll make sure your upgrade to wireless mobile data systems is painless.

RFID Systems

iTech is certified by the leading RFID technology companies and has successfully installed and supported RFID tracking systems since 2001.

Software Solutions

In the realm of Automatic Identification Data Collection (AIDC) systems, the appropriate software is the heart of the system. Identifying your unique requirements, integrating software with your current system and meeting customer/industry compliances can be quite challenging. An accelerated business climate calls for reliable business information. Integrating and implementing hardware and software applications on time and under budget are the primary reasons leading companies to commission AIDC software solutions from iTech Automation.

Verification Systems

As AIDC applications become more and more critical to a company’s success, the cost of barcode scanner failure becomes more significant. Giant merchandisers such as Wal-Mart, for example, have become famous for leveling massive fines of $50,000 or more on suppliers whose product labels repeatedly misread. Consequently, barcode verification systems, once exclusively used by printers and label vendors, are now commonly used for on-site printing.

Voice Recognition Systems

Voice-directed systems allow workers at warehouses and distribution centers to use their hands and eyes 100% of the time, increasing efficiency an average of 20%. These solutions eliminate the need to handle barcode scanners or paper lists and manually input information, which can lead to transposition errors and additional operations. Voice recognition systems also increase accuracy and safety, since associates do not have to take their eyes off of the product location to enter data and apply labels.

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