In addition to Barcode Laser Scanners and Optical Imaging Readers, iTech Automation offers a variety of application-specific solutions to meet even your most demanding data collection needs.

RFID Systems

This emerging technology differs from traditional barcode scanning as it is not an optical technology. RFID systems incorporate radio waves at different frequencies to enable automated tracking and data collection of RFID tagged/labeled items without line of sight.

Hand-held Terminals with Integrated Scanners

In either a batch or wireless environment, portable data terminals are the preferred method for capturing data in an increasing number of applications. The technologies of today’s terminals are built for durability, portability and flexibility. For ease of use, these mobile devices work from a number of platforms including the Microsoft operating system. When considering all of the technological factors, selecting the best terminal or hand-held computer for the current and expanded application can be a daunting task and an unnecessary ordeal … iTech Automation integrates terminals and hand-held computers into both existing networks and wireless infrastructures.

Rugged Tablet PC

Versatile and tough, our Tablet PC line packs power and function into the most rugged mobile computer in the industry. Tough as nails and built with industry leading technology, this line offers a feature-rich mobile computing solution. The award-winning, rugged design of these Tablet PCs enables them to function in the most demanding environments that would stop a normal or semi-rugged computer in its tracks. These Tablet PCs are designed, third-party tested and warranted to U.S. Military Standards -MIL-STD 810G.


Batch terminals collect and store data until it is uploaded to an application.

RF or Wireless

Terminals with wireless capabilities make it easy to conduct real-time transactions. Radio frequency (RF) and wireless technologies have the ability to operate from a variety of web-based applications and terminal emulations.


Recent advances in cellular devices and technology allow data collection applications to operate across cellular networks, enabling wireless networks to extend throughout North America.

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