iTech Automation develops, installs and supports barcode printing systems and labeling systems incorporating the latest technologies from top manufacturers. We bring more than two decades of experience solving a diverse range of application challenges for both domestic and international customers. You can be assured that our recommendations come to you from a reliable base of real-world applications.

On-Demand Color Label Printing

At iTech, we’re constantly searching for new ways to help organizations become more efficient and profitable. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you the latest in GHS-compliant, on-demand color label printers from Epson. This new inkjet printer technology with fast-drying color inks increases productivity while reducing the cost of using pre-printed labels.

Desktop Label Printers

Manufactured in various sizes and materials, desktop printers are designed to fit a specific application and location. Most desktop printers employ both direct thermal and thermal transfer technology, and many can be enabled to generate RFID labels/tags. To accelerate print efficiency, desktop printers can be configured to be part of the network via Ethernet or wireless print servers. Wireless servers are ideal because they can make any desktop printer within wireless coverage easily usable.

Portable Printing Systems

Extremely user-friendly, portable printers can go anywhere. Mounted on a forklift, light enough to tote, small enough to be worn by warehouse personnel, these compact, lightweight printers are available to print using either direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. Depending on the application, portable printers can be tethered or connected wirelessly to hand-held terminals for increased mobility. Portable printers can also be equipped with wireless cards to allow them to function like network printers.

Plastic Card Printing Systems

Card printers are the ideal solution for photo ID badges, loyalty membership programs, access control, and employee recognition cards. They can be configured in a variety of computer interfaces with optional on-line magnetic stripe encoders for smart card contact stations.

Counterfeit Deterrent Labeling Solutions

If your needs call for a system that can provide asset traceability, brand protection or product security, iTech Automation has the experience you need to ensure trouble-free design and installation. Uniquely designed and coordinated technologies are compiled to meet each customer’s business objectives.

Line Matrix Printers

Line Matrix Printers remain the workhorse solution for global supply chain and back office printing applications because of their reliability and low total cost of ownership. In addition to cost advantage, line matrix printing (or impact printing) remains the unchallenged leader in reliability. So when pressed to keep total costs under control in supply chain and back office applications, look to this technology to deliver the lowest cost-per-page output and the most dependable long-term performance.

Labels, Tags and Wristbands

iTech offers an extensive line of media products, including a wide assortment of paper and synthetic label materials for direct thermal and thermal transfer printing, with a multitude of adhesive combinations. With this broad product line, iTech can handle everything from general-purpose “economy” label applications to the toughest harsh-environment applications. We stock dozens of distinctive labels and tags of various materials for quick delivery. Custom solutions to meet compliance or unique demands are our specialty. Quotations for preprinted labels and tags and printable patient wristbands are available upon request.


iTech’s media specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in the latest ribbon formulations for the most demanding applications. Before we recommend the perfect formulation for your application, we evaluate ribbons using your specific labeling requirements.

We stock a broad range of wax, wax-resin, and resin ribbons so you can be assured of the price/performance combination that works best for your situation. Our wide selection of
“in-stock” ribbons includes a variety of materials and colors to ensure quick delivery.

iTech Automation offers thermal transfer printer ribbons for all makes and models of printers, and automated print and apply systems.

Automated Print & Apply Labeling Systems

Automated print and apply labeling systems facilitate top, bottom, wraparound or multi-panel variable product labeling using barcodes or RFID systems. The systems offered by iTech Automation generate labels with clear, crisp, scannable barcodes, as well as variable text, graphics and logos on standard or RFID labels. The industrial duty applicators then consistently and accurately apply these labels even in critical production environments. Products to be labeled can vary from shipping cases, bags and pallets to health and food products, drug packaging and building materials.

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