Counterfeiting is on the rise. Fortunately, so is your ability to protect your products. iTech Automation’s brand-protection solutions let you leverage current label printing systems to provide new layers of protection for your products. Now the shipping labels, price tags, and other item identification that you already print can help deter diversion and counterfeiting without requiring you to change printers or create new marking processes.

In partnering with Zebra Technologies, iTech offers label media with invisible taggants, magnetic threads and pattern adhesives that can be used with our standard barcode and RFID printers. Legacy printers can use these materials without any modifications or upgrades. You can mix and match secure media, plus RFID smart labels, to provide layered protection against counterfeiting and diversion. All forms of Zebra’s secure media can be easily authenticated at any point in the supply chain with secure, low-cost readers.

  • Magnetic threads embedded in the label material provide a visible deterrent and can contain incremental or static ID numbers for item identification and authentication.
  • Pattern adhesives are tamper evident and cause labels to self-destruct when removed, leaving an easy visual mark that retail clerks and other personnel can use to detect diverted goods and fraudulent returns.
  • RFID smart labels are also promising deterrents to counterfeiting and diversion. They enable secure encoding of serial numbers and other variable data on demand for track-and-trace and other applications.

White Paper

Brand Protection in the Supply Chain PDF Download

Product protection is a never-ending endeavor. The threats of counterfeiting and diversion remain constant, but techniques are constantly changing. Protective measures that were once innovative and effective eventually become vulnerable, as illustrated by recent seizures of extremely high-quality counterfeit holograms.

Manufacturers must use increasingly sophisticated product protection methods to preserve their brands and distribution channels. Fortunately, new resources are available. Now companies can take advantage of their existing labeling systems to further protect their products. This white paper describes new product authentication solutions from Zebra Technologies that can keep manufacturers steps ahead of perpetrators of fraud. The product labeling solutions described here can be added to current operations easily and discreetly to enhance existing security measures, providing an added layer of protection.

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