Are you trying to become more environmentally friendly while reducing infrastructure cost and complexity? What about improving customer satisfaction and growing your business by enabling new communication channels, adding things like personalized relevant messaging and custom offers? Document and Print Management solutions from iTech Automation can help you accomplish all this, and more, while transforming how you generate, deliver and manage vital communications.

The print and output infrastructure for any enterprise represents a substantial amount of cost (estimated at 1-3% of gross revenue), complexity, and environmental impact as a result of the carbon footprint of most printers (including energy, paper and waste).

Contact us to schedule a consultative Output Discovery meeting where we can understand your objectives & challenges relative to your business critical documents/forms, and then discuss the potential “green” benefits and cost savings possible with a document management solution, which may include the following:

  • Immediate cost savings through print suppression, the elimination of pre-printed forms, and/or application consolidation
  • Improved data capture and merge through on-the-fly DB querying
  • Simple and powerful dynamic document design
  • Automated electronic distribution via e-mail, web, SMS, archive, storage and fax
  • Enhanced marketing potential through logic-based personalization and cross-promotional ability
  • Integration with ERP and WMS implementations
  • Improved document security through the ability to control and trace actions performed on a given document/form
  • Automated releases and expiration of document versions
  • Real-time structured web doc generation
  • Automatic translation of templates into on-line forms
  • And much more

Call iTech Automation at 1-888-500-4832 to schedule a webinar or discuss possible software solutions to improve your operations.

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